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Drahomír Novák 教授学术报告会——Reliability assessment of concrete structures

发布时间: 2016-06-03      访问次数: 32
报告题目:Reliability assessment of concrete structures
报 告 人:Drahomír Novák 教授,捷克布尔诺科技大学
The lecture is focused on methodology, advanced software and application for statistical and reliability analysis of civil engineering structures, mainly concrete bridges. Fundamental theories and methods implemented in user-friendly reliability and finite element software will be presented shortly. Probabilistic analysis of concrete structures will be described as an advanced approach for concrete structures assessment. Methods for efficient statistical, sensitivity and reliability assessment will be presented.
The attention is given to the techniques that are developed for an analysis of computationally intensive problems that is typical for a nonlinear FEM analysis. The multipurpose software FReET (http://www.freet.cz) will be demonstrated. A probabilistic approach to nonlinear fracture mechanics analysis of concrete structures will be then presented. Nonlinear finite element software ATENA (http://www.cervenka.cz) is based on advanced material models with damage concept, smeared crack approach and crack band theory with fracture energy-related softening. Programs ATENA and statistical and reliability engine FReET are integrated into SARA shell in order to randomize the nonlinear fracture analysis of engineering structures.
Efficient techniques of both nonlinear numerical analysis of concrete structures and stochastic simulation methods are combined in order to offer an advanced tool for assessment of realistic behavior of concrete structures and to enable virtual reliability testing. Tools are applied for many concrete structures, mainly bridges. Also deterioration aspects are taken into account (concrete carbonation, chlorides ingress, corrosion of reinforcement).
Professor Drahomir Novak holds the Chair of Structural Mechanics at Brno University Technology, Czech Republic. He is a member of Czech Society of Mechanics, a member of Czech Standardization Committee on loading and reliability, a member of International Association FraMCoS – Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures and IABMAS. During his professional career Prof Novak has held various visiting positions in institutions around the world, including Kyoto University, Japan (1989, 1991-93); University of Innsbruck, Austria (1990, 1994); BOKU University, Austria (2013, visiting prof. from 2006); Kasetsart University, Thailand (1996, 1998, 2002, 2008); IMMS, Ltd., Thailand (2008) and Northwestern University, USA (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2011).